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    G'day from Canberra (QBN) Australia

    Hey folks!

    While I'm new here, I've been sleeping in hammocks at home full time for about 2 of the last 3 years.

    I'm a fan of the Queen size Brazilian hammocks from The Hammock Company, particularly since they changed the rope arrangements almost 2 years ago. I'm less of a fan of their Universal Frame, having had a catastrophic metal fatigue incident in one of them (at home) and another (the one I keep at my father's place) is on its way out. The latter has a near identical splitting tube near the reinforced angle, which is being held together with a radiator hose clamp and a muffler clamp.

    If you want to talk sleeping ideas, frames, local suppliers here in Oz, or Cauda Equina Syndrome/Spinal Stenosis (an entirely unrelated (I hope) medical issue that I have had for just over 2 years now), drop me a line.

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    Welcome to hammock forums. Yeah I'm actually going through all the unreplied posts and saying hi...


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