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    Need help with bridge hammock

    I am looking for info on making a bridge hammock, i am a big guy 350lbs and i want to build a bridge that will hold me.I have made myself a dl gathered end hammock out of 70 d 1.9 oz and triple stitched it,threw on a pair of 3,000 straps and i can bounce up and down all day and it holds me just fine.
    While at the fall hang my wife tried out a jrb bridge and fell in love with it, they make one that will hold her with no problem but do not make one strong enough for me.
    What i need to know is where do i reinforce it? do i just need stronger bars?
    I really dont care how heavey it turns out, not concerned about weight at all, just really like the lay that you can get in one
    Any help would be very much apreciated, with either tips or even if someone would like to take on the challenge and make one for me, i would supply all materials needed,or just the advice and i will wing it myself.
    Was thinking about buying the wbrr for my wife and just copying it with everything stronger and more heavy duty,
    any suggestions?

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    Double layer for starters for sure - also means that you can use a pad if you leave one end open for insertion. You probably want to go for a slightly heavier fabric as well.

    The absolute best thing to do is to go study, and I mean study, Grizz's bridge hammock video's.

    I believe some of the heavier bridge users went to the .742 poles for assurance. Just remember that they are not for pulling yourself around in the hammock!

    Before you decide to just try to duplicate a hammock, take a careful look at them all and decide if there's features in one that you like that could be incorporated in yours.


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