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    Clean out.. of sorts

    I have a couple of things I want to sell so I can get a aarn body pack and HG 0˚ Incubator.. also willing to trade... prices include shipping.

    1) Hennessy Hammock Deluxe Explorer a-sym zipper W/ 4 season supershelter (everything you need)
    In good condition, I got it off forum and used it for about 3 days.
    It has been stored in pet and smoke free house.
    comes with snake skins, and original tarp.
    Super shelter comes with foam mat, top cover and space blanket.. I used it in 5 weather and was toasty
    Asking $275 but willing to trade or take offers

    2)XL Grand Caribbean Nicaraguan Hammock
    it is red and in great condition I bought this and a amazonia hammock
    kept the amazonia for my bed and used the Nic. hammock for about 5 days.
    I included stock pic. mine is red (not blue) and dosent come with the
    blonde.. sorry. asking $90 but willing to trade or take offers

    3) Jansport Klamath 85 internal frame
    Good condition used only for 5 days asking $90 but.. you know the rest.

    Thanks all and please feel free to give feed back, first time selling.
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    Hey forgot to mention it has whoopie sling suspension

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    unfortunatly trade didn't work so everything is still open for the taking or traiding.


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