So myself a couple buddies are taking off for a 3 day hikie/hunt trip. We have a cabin for one night but hope to due two nights hanging. We will be in northern michigan and I'm expecting temps around freezing maybe a bit below freezing. I've got 3 hmmocks for us a hennessy expedition, eno double and lawson blue ridge. I have 2 wb superfly tarps and a hennessy hex tarp. Bottom insulation I have Hennessy super shelter, for the eno I have a PLUQ with an extra layer of synthetic bating in the middle. I have thermarest self inflating pads for all three and for thelawson I was thinking of using this as my primary insulation layer I've used it in tents and it was great. I also picked up a role of reflectix.
Thoughts? Any reason to think we are going to freeze?