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    Using non identical fabrics for double layer?

    I got all wound up to build a hammock and ordered 4 yards of some 1.9 oz ripstop off of E-bay. It is a coyote brown and seems lighter than what I expected and does not have perfectly square pattern from the heavier threads and is shinier than I expected it to be compared to photos of other ripstop projects I see in the forum. My first question is did I get taken for a ride on this material? It doesn't look quite like what was in the photos in the description. It seems fairly tough from what I can tell just handling it but it has not been put to the real test yet. I have layed in a $20.00 Grand Trunk ultralight and this stuff seems at least that strong anyways.

    So since I already spent almost $20.00 on that stuff. I decided to get 4 yards of the digitial camo 1.8 oz stuff from DIY gear supply. I am confident it will be high quality.

    My second question is will I have problems if I layer two non-identical fabrics together. I am thinking of putting the brown stuff inside the digital stuff and leaving the layers open on half of one side to insert a pad if I need it. I plan to sew channels in the ends so that I can do whatever kind of gather or whipping I want to.

    My thinking is that even if the brown e-bay fabric is weaker/stretches more than the digital cammo from DIY gear supply the cammo fabric will take over the load if and when the other fabric stretches and the two will share the load to some degree at some point. It may not be an even sharing of the load as if two identical layers were used but if either fabric would have worked by itself I should still be better off. Right?

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    It should work well and will be reversible if you happen to find one fabric feels better than the other.

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    Layering the two fabrics in a double layer hammock should work fine. Sounds like the ebay fabric may be lighter than advertised, or a less tight weave. The shine may be the calendaring, particularly if one side appears to be more shiny than the other.

    As gmcttr indicated, you'll have the option of deciding which side/material you prefer to sleep on. Others have used different fabrics for inner and outer layers specifically to change the feel on the inside of the hammock


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    Good news. Thanks for the input. It seems logical that it would be okay to do this but it's always good to have some input since this will be my first DIY hammock ever. Hated to go through all the effort and find out it was not a good idea.


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