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    Overnighter, fishing in Manjaur, northern Sweden

    Here are some pictures from this weekend. I took a couple of buddies from work and went off into the woods. They stayed in a cabin, but I hung out just next to the river.

    Excellent weather, but lots and lots of mosquitos. The bug net worked fine, though. Oh, and I tried to the trick I read about in some thread or other, about relieveing yourself without getting out of the hammock. Worked excellent, I just tipped over slightly, zipped down, and voila! Wouldn't want to do it if I planned to hang more than one night in the same place, though, hahaha.

    Some beautiful scenery, excellent fishing, good buddies...It doesn't get any better than that.

    Edit: ****, I thought I resized those pics...I'll try and fix it.
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