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Nasty backpacking weather
Prusik on a single lin...
Prusik on a single lin...
Prusik on a single lin...
ThermoDrop with Zing-i...
Tree step straps 2.0
Tree step straps
Simple & Cheap Spr...
SmartWater Cap
alcohol fuel bottle
Bight through cord lock
AquaMira water treatme...
GLT summit UL packs
ugly UL fire 02
ugly UL fire 01
saws silky gomboy trai...
water collection tube 02
water collection tube 01
Skilman bear hang setup
Double Figure 8 on HH...
Rock twig fire
K12S Touring Setup
TD Sidewinder Inferno
Wild Onions
Weird Fungi
Emerald Trail
Frog Bayou Creek Selfie
Frog Bayou Creek
Weird Fungi
Cold Morning
Cowboy TV, Channel 5
Indy On His Groundpad
Pink Sky
Hillside Hole in the Wall
More Fungi
Boston Mtns in the Dis...
base camp
rocks as table and win...
Fleece top quilt
Hanging pack from hammock
Grafton Loop profile
deer tick
UL in Harriman State Park
Abandoned chair
Pack dump for UL kit
Hennessy BKUL, SS and...
GG Murmur silnylon repair
Daisy chain w/alpine b...
MiniMo with moulder strip
Cottonball Esbit lighter
UL pack weight
Guyline with rock chock
Blake's hitch
pack hanger zing-it
pack hanger clove hitch
Forgot stakes? Rock it!
trekking pole tip brid...
another tarp
Lapp vs Sheet bend
Lapp knot (slipped)
Trail head pack weight
Death hitch
UCR with Prusik
HG std hex pole mod
Short whoopie for tigh...
Morning Frost
Gear Test
Catch All Shots
Catch All Shots
Catch All Shots
Hog Island Campsite 12
Piggie fries
Floor space
Ease way to hang up a...
Ease way to hang up th...
Jalapeno Corn Muffin
Fresh From The Oven!
Ready To Bake
20180204 171954
20180204 171851
20180204 172031
20180204 172052
20180204 172114
20180204 172134
20180204 172138
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