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Highcup Gill 03

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by nigelp
Nigel  Highcup Gill 03  Highcup Gill 02

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Description by nigelp


Many upland areas in UK are open moorland with out trees! Two large boulders, and some time to pitch here. Great views!

Comments for Highcup Gill 03 (3)

  1. #1 neo
    Re: Highcup Gill 03
    awesome picture and creative hammock hanging neo
  2. #2 skippy
    Re: Highcup Gill 03
    Great Photo's, I really enjoyed looking at your album!!
  3. #3 vtrek
    Re: Highcup Gill 03
    And the rocks held all night? Is it tied to anything on the other side or just wrapped under the rocks? I haven't gotten out a lot yet but I see these pics and I think, "Now that's what hammocking is all about. Anytime, any place"!