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Description by samiam2714


Superfly tarp for Warbonnet

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  1. #1 Zentoast
    Re: Superfly
    Awesome design, man. Perfect for rough wind at a bad angle. This would help keep a LOT of sand out in high winds where I live, too. Nicely done.
  2. #2 samiam2714
    Re: Superfly
    The is the superfly made by warbonnet. It is a great design. Thought they are sold with the doors permanently attached now.
  3. #3 Zentoast
    Re: Superfly
    I made a BlackCat cat-cut tarp, designed by BlackBishop 351. I'm wanting to add "storm doors" to the front and/or rear. I'm wondering if you don't have, or would be willing to share, your design for the superfly doors.

    I'm guessing? it would work fine with a cat cut tarp?