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Rings On Wb Bmj Tarp

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by ^shane^
Cross Timbers Trail Thru Cedar Bayou Marina  Rings On Wb Bmj Tarp  2x4 Phs With Notched Removable Legs

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Description by ^shane^


Trying to figure out what the hanging ring is for

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  1. #1 TrailH4x
    Re: Rings On Wb Bmj Tarp
    In heavy rain, drips can tend to trail your ridgeline under your tarp if your tarp is draped over it. In these instances, the tarp is hung under the ridgeline from the same tie out points as pictured, but with the ridgeline running over the tarp. To allow for a ridgeline under the tarp, a cord may be strung from the questioned point to the one on the opposite end. This will give an above head ridgeline at tarp level to hang socks, etc without it continuing from outside of the tarp cover- no drip hazard. Clear?