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Nct 100 Route

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Two Hammocks, One Tarp  Nct 100 Route  Nct 100 Route

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this is the route medicjim is referencing.

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  1. #1 Myteathor
    Re: Nct 100 Route
    My hunting camp is right by the "H" in the hearts contents road marking on this map, the section that is marked " section 29" is private land withing the national forest, our camp sits right along the main road there. We will have to do a group hang from there sometime and have access to the camp outhouse/shower kitchen etc and still hit the trails for day hikes.

    By the way, that ministers creek section can be a long steep hike, just a heads up, I think you guys are coming from the south so it might be downhill for you though. Iam pretty sure there are shelters along that section too.