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Description by blackie


the group..
standing in rear in blue...funny money
middle row...kayla,crissy,bobbi hannen, robin, megan,stoikurt
sitting...hope( mrs. blackie) sir francis mcgowan,rockstar,lady ann mcgowan
and midnight the dog( swimming hole life guard)

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  1. #1 RockStar
    Re: x1013
    Back row left to right: Kayla, Kristy(10:30 is her trail name),Funny Money (formerly ToddHiker), Don't remember the lady with dark hairs name,Her 2 daughters, Stoikurt.

    Front row left to right: Sir Francis McGowin, Midnights rear end, Mrs. Anne Francis' wife.
  2. #2 stoikurt
    Re: x1013
    Don't forget Mrs. Blackie (I believe her name is Hope) on the far left of the front row to Sir McGowan's right. Blackie took the picture.