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Cool Hang

Added by Black Wolf
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  1. #1 Dudorino
    Re: Cool Hang
    This is most extreme hang I've ever seen. This is amazingly cool.
  2. #2 TheHangingTechy
    Re: Cool Hang
    awesome hang
  3. #3 Bradley
    Re: Cool Hang
    WoW Man . . .
    Awesome hang.

    I guess it's easy to stay dry . . . until ya just gotta get a photo
  4. #4 ineedpaintball
    Re: Cool Hang
    Thats awesome!
  5. #5 sr1355
    Re: Cool Hang
    VERY COOL!!!!!
  6. #6 vtrek
    Re: Cool Hang
    I can't imagine how many times I would have fallen overboard trying to hang that. Awesome!
  7. #7 Patapsco
    Re: Cool Hang
    That's a really cool kayak! But what's this have to do with hammocks?