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My New Diy Cook Kit

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My New Diy Cook Kit  My New Diy Cook Kit  Cooking Gear

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Inspired by smokeeater 908

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  1. #1 mrmike65
    Re: My New Diy Cook Kit
    I made one these a while ago and it has tested out very nicely. Besides the compact durability, I love that the "bowl" (main part of the container) is just the right size to line with a ziploc sandwich baggie that has a DIY dehydrated meal in it. The bag's top edge folds over the lip by 3/4". I can add the hot water to the meal, seal the bag, and top it off with the pot cozy to do its work while I set up/break down camp. Everything stays nice and clean. ) I was also able to add a 3 oz. bottle fuel, some matches, and a mini lighter. The top to the plastic container makes a great 1 cup measure. Works great!
  2. #2 SADLK
    Re: My New Diy Cook Kit
    I agree, I love this setup for a solo trip. I also have a new wood gas setup that I enjoy...