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New Hammock Stand

Added by mrmike65
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New Hammock Stand  New Hammock Stand  New Hammock Stand

  Description for New Hammock Stand

Description by mrmike65


The stand on its own measures 9' long and 42" high. Fits my DIY cinched hammock with room for adjustments.

Comments for New Hammock Stand (2)

  1. #1 cjayflo
    Re: New Hammock Stand
    man that looks nice. Put a coat of stain on it and call it artwork!
  2. #2 mrmike65
    Re: New Hammock Stand
    Thanks so much! Yes, it look well enough, and after a year of supporting my 210 lbs every night, it's as solid as the first day. I agree, it does need to be finished.

    If you like, there are some general plans lying around somewhere... ah, yes.