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Hammock Bunk

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by Brycer
Dynaglide Whoopies  Hammock Bunk  Sb Pro Set Up

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Description by Brycer


My scouts waxed creative on a backpack trip. Do not try this at home; it is best to try it 10 miles from nowhere. There is nothing better than kicking up the old feet on the trail.

Comments for Hammock Bunk (3)

  1. #1 dakotaross
    Re: Hammock Bunk
    hmmm... all smiles on the top 3 boys
  2. #2 Brycer
    Re: Hammock Bunk
    Yes, the one on the bottom is the assistant scoutmaster. I couldn't ask for a better group of scouts and leaders. I love hammocks. All hammocks in the picture are Grand Trunk Ultralights. A great hammock for the price. No, I'm not paid to endorse them, just a good product.
  3. #3 Steelwolf
    Re: Hammock Bunk
    Looks like a great time.