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Aunt Fanny...

Added by lucky5tar5
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Havasupai Canyon, below Mooney Falls  Aunt Fanny...

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  1. #1 BlackHand
    Re: Aunt Fanny...
    what is being used for guy lines that its glowing like that?
  2. #2 lucky5tar5
    Re: Aunt Fanny...
    It's really cheap boat oriented polypropylene rope. It doesn't wick water, floats, but doesn't hold a knot very well at all. It's also pretty heavy for it's strength... Definitely a bad buy in my opinion. It's pretty bright I guess, but the glowing is probably just a reflection from my camera flash.

    I really wish I'd discovered this forum before I started buying the cheapest kit I could find back then!
  3. #3 Rolichu
    Re: Aunt Fanny...
    definietely look cool though!