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by skree
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buddipole stand - apex view (front).

Design inspired by simple plein air (painting artist's) easels seen, made of wood.

Only two saw cuts made; the third (middle) upright has no miter cut, as it is sandwiched by the other two uprights (both mitered).

A 24" section of the same 2x2 lumber stock slides on the back of the third upright, for adjustable height (or reach) of the antenna center feedpoint (and, for turtledog, this is a means to arbitrarily raise or lower a horizontal inter-station 'boom' end, one may suppose).

. . .

A zip-tie passes through a bore going through all three uprights as they are sandwiched together, and then passes across the front of them (visible in the photo) forming a continuous loop.

The zip-tie loop is fairly loose, allowing collapse into a bundle, for transport.

Formerly, a very long, thin steel bolt was present where the zip-tie is now. The bore holes that accept the zip-tie (or bolt, if you like) are elliptically shaped, to allow the structure to be collapsed when stored, when a bolt and wing-nut are substituted for the zip-tie.

The elliptical shape of the bores was made by abuse of a twist drill bit (used as a file).

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