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More Indiana Stonehedge photos

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More Indiana Stonehedge photos

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by Mule
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Camped on Haunted Browning Hill

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  1. #1 gunn parker
    Re: More Indiana Stonehedge photos
    And fold out chairs, did you guys carry those in to camp?
  2. #2 Mule
    Re: More Indiana Stonehedge photos
    Fold out Chairs... You would not believe what two of the guy brought.
    It was an annual backpacking trip, the birthday of a close friend. He always goes elaborate. One year we climbed Courthouse Rock and threw wooded airplanes off the top in RRG.
    This year it was much more subdued, but he and his son, about 30 years old, pulled sleds into camp, a two mile hilly trail. Not just any sleds, but plastic round sliders from Kmart or something.
    They brought a CHAINSAW! An AX, a big one, and they split hardwood for the fire. They brought a half gallon of wine, a fifth of good Scotch, Glennlivet, I brought a pint of Aisla Scotch, MacCallans, and we all stayed up till 4 AM to polish it off. I had a blast and was not where near drunk, which is more than I can say about Birthday Boy.
    The next day the Birthday boy and his son and another friend did not go to Browning Mountain with us to spend Saturday night. Too many hills for the sleds.
    Thanks for the question, hope you enjoy the answers. Mule