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springtime hangin'

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by te-wa
down top quilt MYOG  springtime hangin'  starlight pack

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overnight lows of 40-45 I can get my Travel Ultralight out for a quickie...

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  1. #1 te-wa
    Re: springtime hangin'
    this photo was actually taken in February of '08 at Pinyon Camp in the Superstition Wilderness. Pinyon Camp was the base of operations for the "Dutch Hunter" (someone searching for the Lost Dutchman's Gold mine-real or not...) Celeste Marie Jones. Trees in the "Supes" are few and far between but these 2 Sugar Sumacs worked fine.
  2. #2 te-wa
    Re: springtime hangin'
    looking back thru my photo collection, i recalled that this was my first ever full night out in a hammock. over 3 years, full time now!
    also, this was another milestone as it was my first sub 5 SUL trip. pack base was 4 lb 13oz