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First Time Hang!

Added by te-wa
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by te-wa
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Description by te-wa


this is my buddy Tyrone doing his best with what he has. im interested to see his future progress, as this is his first hang. (i dont know what the heck that contraption is, but i guess it worked)

Comments for First Time Hang! (3)

  1. #1 Wendigo
    Re: First Time Hang!
    That actually looks like a tent converted into a tarp
  2. #2 KerMegan
    Re: First Time Hang!
    Props for creative use of existing gear !
    (I think it is a variety of megamid, or a closely allied species..)
  3. #3 sidvicious
    Re: First Time Hang!
    Not knocking your buddy but it reminds me of some times when I cram a pack full o crap and bolt out the door. I think later "I cannot believe I brought all this ---t"

    I always find myself eyeballing an unopened stuff sack while thinking to myself "what the hele is that!"