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China The Sock Model

Added by Cannibal
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China The Sock Model

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China The Sock Model  China The Sock Model  Original Superfly

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Description by Cannibal


Getting the dog used to something on her feet in prep for doggie booties.

Comments for China The Sock Model (3)

  1. #1 chickenwing
    Re: China The Sock Model
    Love it! This is the first thing to make me laugh all day.
  2. #2 thekalimist
    Re: China The Sock Model
    saw this on the home page. awesome pic, howd the booties work out for her?
  3. #3 Cannibal
    Re: China The Sock Model
    Didn't realize there were comments here.

    The booties didn't work out for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, she hates/loathes/despises anything on her feet. Absolutely refuses to stand or even move.

    Second, just the shape of her feet, ankles (cankles), and legs make it near impossible to get anything to hold securely. I hate myself for even thinking this, but about the only thing I think would work would be a full suit...with built-in booties.