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HH bug netting

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HH folding pattern  HH bug netting  HH layed out

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Description by wilsonbmw


Here you can see the netting is a paralellogram. (asym is a misnomer in this case) The diagonals are 96" and 57". The sides are 68" and 43". Imagine the sides of the hammock body sewn to the netting.

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  1. #1 kc7fys
    Re: HH bug netting
    "The diagonals" and "the sides" is not reaching me here. All sides of the parallelogram seem to be diagonal and side to me. Clockwise beginning with 12 o'clock, what would be the dimensions of the parallelogram bug net, and what are the proportions of the rectangular hammock portion?
    (Not to take a plaintiff tone here; your photos are super helpful, and I am very thankful for them.)