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Description by Cannibal


A stop light on a mountain road near the summit. There may be too many people in the hills!

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  1. #1 TrailH4x
    Re: Wtf
    Nice solar panels. Hmmm....
  2. #2 KerMegan
    Re: Wtf
    or it was the only way to get them so slow down for the twisty section?
  3. #3 Wa-Hangman
    Re: Wtf
    These are used when the drop off side of the mountain road has crumbled and they havent figured out how to fix it yet leaving only one lane passible.
  4. #4 webhanger
    Re: Wtf
    Is the "and set up hammock" cut out of the picture below the stop here on red. I'm pretty sure I could hook a hammock up to that somehow and some appliances too.