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Diy Show And Tell

Added by Perkolady
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Diy Show And Tell  Diy Show And Tell  Cat's Eye Stove W/ti Kettle

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Description by Perkolady


diy double layer zip net hammock

Comments for Diy Show And Tell (3)

  1. #1 JerryW
    Re: Diy Show And Tell
    Bravo! That looks great. Are you going to start a thread in the DIY forum to show it off? Maybe list some details(material, length, etc.).

  2. #2 Wendigo
    Re: Diy Show And Tell
    that is quite the attractive looking build you got there missy. I bet it's comfy as all get out.
  3. #3 uncle_ray_ray
    Re: Diy Show And Tell
    That looks fantastic! Wish you could elaborate on it!