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Bdg Tarps

Added by sclittlefield
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Bdg Tarps  Bdg Tarps  Bdg Tarps

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BDG Tarps - Winter Dream

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  1. #1 Bags4266
    Re: Bdg Tarps
    Thanks Ron.
    I can sew in a straight line but the catcuts have me worried. I don't know how to hem the edges without the material bunching up. I plan on making two tarps the large one 11 x 10 catcut and a smaller 8x10 rect. I hope to be able to close in one side on the 8x10.
  2. #2 Nightwalker
    Re: Bdg Tarps
    No problem with hemming the cat cuts. Just sew a straight stitch along the cat line, cut close to it and sear the edges with a lighter (to prevent fraying). About 2mm is a good stitch length.