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Slingbow Mod

Added by Agfadoc
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by Agfadoc
Head End Suspension  Slingbow Mod  Sewing A Loop In The Strap

  Description for Slingbow Mod

Description by Agfadoc


Raised Whisker bisket

Comments for Slingbow Mod (2)

  1. #1 HamMike
    Re: Slingbow Mod
    Nice! gonna get mine out tonight!
  2. #2 TrailH4x
    Re: Slingbow Mod
    Ah MAN! I finally talked myself out of building one of these things last night before bed. THis morning I sign on and the first "random" image in the middle is this one. I guess it's a sign...

    Gotta order the left handed biscuit for a right handed sling install, correct?