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$9 Straps From Wal-mart

Added by phatpenguin
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Snuggling With The Little Ones  $9 Straps From Wal-mart

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Description by phatpenguin


$9 rated to 1600lbs and 15 ft long, how can I go wrong. These were in the Camping section, not with the other more expensive straps that were rated lower.

Comments for $9 Straps From Wal-mart (2)

  1. #1 phatpenguin
    Re: $9 Straps From Wal-mart
    looks like they are rated to 1800 lbs not 1600
  2. #2 Rain Man
    Re: $9 Straps From Wal-mart
    Looks to me like they are rated to 600 lbs, not 1,600.

    Rain Man