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Indoor Hang Setup

Added by twowheels
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Indoor Hang Setup  Indoor Hang Setup  Indoor Hang Setup

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Description by twowheels


My indoor mayan setup. Wall hook is a plate mounted hitching ring setup with the ring cut out and replaced by a pin shackle. Plate is mounted to wall where there are two adjacent studs with weight rated screws.

Comments for Indoor Hang Setup (3)

  1. #1 rickizz
    Re: Indoor Hang Setup
    Why did take the original hook out? was it due to the noise it makes when swinging?
  2. #2 twowheels
    Re: Indoor Hang Setup
    No, because it wasn't weight rated and wasn't welded closed. The shackle was rated for an insane amount of weight.
  3. #3 rickizz
    Re: Indoor Hang Setup
    Well done.