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Blue Ccf Huaraches

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by Frawg
Blue Ccf Huaraches  Blue Ccf Huaraches  Version 2

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minimalist camp shoes

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  1. #1 OrionFyre
    Re: Blue Ccf Huaraches
    Wow! What a freaky coincidence! I sign on and have to think for a second! Do you do any running in your huaraches? Ever since a friend sent me a pair of Vibram Five Fingers I've converted to minimalist footwear wherever possible. I even started running BAREFOOT! I couldn't run a block to save my life without having some ache or pain for the next 48 hours. check out Barefoot Ted's Huaraches google group!
  2. #2 Frawg
    Re: Blue Ccf Huaraches
    OrionFyre, my apologies for the late response. I never expected any comments on this so I never looked until now.

    To answer your question, I do a little running, but not yet in huaraches. I actually copied the idea from Barefoot Ted's stuff. I'm not at that level, though. I also figured these CCF ones might do double duty as padding in the waist belt of a DIY pack at some point.

  3. #3 NMardin
    Re: Blue Ccf Huaraches
    I love it! Always wanted a pair! But does the ccf get slippery? I run in my vibrates, Merrill trail gloves or completely barefoot too. In fact, last hike I went on I took off my vibrams and hiked completely unshod for a few miles. Fun!