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Dog Hammock

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by WV
Cool Hang  Dog Hammock  A Blessed CHRISTmas To All !!!

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Insulated Dog Hammock

Comments for Dog Hammock (7)

  1. #1 Niloc
    Re: Dog Hammock
    That's so cool. Your dog is really loving that too.
  2. #2 yakinkate
    Re: Dog Hammock
    That is GReat! You can so see he's likes it! (I would be afraid my lashing would come undone and I would squish my dog! )
  3. #3 Lonely Raven
    Re: Dog Hammock
    I was searching the forums to see if nylon ripstop is strong enough to hold off dogs nails, and stumbled into this photo. This is awesome!

    I'm totally going to setup a mini-hammock for the little Pit Bull!
  4. #4 Myteathor
    Re: Dog Hammock
    Nice, Iam still worried about my labs nails ripping the ripstop but this looks promising! Do you know where there are plans to make this or did you wing it?
  5. #5 Nicodumas
    Re: Dog Hammock
    I might have to rev-eng this, as my dog loves camping but the wife is scared the dog will get to cold.
  6. #6 MichiganHiker
    Re: Dog Hammock
    Very nice. My wife claims I am going to make my pooch bear bait by making him his own hammock.
  7. #7 santiagodraco
    Re: Dog Hammock
    Old thread but... to those worried about dog nails... doggie booties