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Hammock Tripod

Added by liamh713
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6 Days Of Food  Hammock Tripod  Shotgunred Tarp

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Description by liamh713


this is a hammock stand that holds three hammocks. I plan to use this stand at my next boy scout camporee

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  1. #1 Kahuna935
    Re: Hammock Tripod
    I like this idea. How long are the staves?
  2. #2 liamh713
    Re: Hammock Tripod
    those are 10 feet each but i changed them to 13 feet because there was not enough room
  3. #3 SnowyRiverKayakMan
    Re: Hammock Tripod
    Did you ever end up using the at a Boy Scout Camporee? i wanted to know how the worked out for you because my son's Troop is having a Camporee coming up in October and I think this would be great for the boys to use
  4. #4 liamh713
    Re: Hammock Tripod
    Yes I did. This design worked well, but I have since found that the 3-person hammock stand from the ultimate hang works much better as it has a quicker setup time and is much sturdier under heavy loads.