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Grapevine Lake, Meadowmere Park at dawn

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Grapevine Lake, Meadowmere Park at dawn

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Meadowmere Park is good camp ground but if you prefer more wilderness and keep a low quiet profile there are other places like the near by island or delta inflow area and other places best accessed by small paddle powered boats. Yes I am being vague intentionally. Delta of most other lakes is also good, just watch weather reports, hang above with boat below, never sleep on ground with cottonmouths is my recommendation. Shake them out of boat each morning.

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    Re: Grapevine Lake, Meadowmere Park at dawn
    Most of the time I park at Sand Bass Drive, Oak Grove Park for free but the boat ramp is closer and Lake View Park may be OK. Also Rockledge Park is OK but costs money and is often crowded (good mtn bike trail) on the North East side of Grapevine lake. However, if you really want the best possible wildlife and fishing the delta or inflow of most lakes is generally the best. Why houses and other buildings are allowed to be built in these areas is a big puzzle to me. This is a major flood zone, so be very cautious and watch weather reports, pack up and paddle out if it begins to rain much in the watershed, water can rise very quickly. Building foundations are weak on this mud and will all fail and wash away over time in these areas, best to preserve all deltas for wildlife nurseries as they have been for many millennium. IMO. Keep a low profile and hide your canoe, so others do not follow you in. Be kind to your fellow Hobos and resident alligators. ;-)