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Rappel Ring On Hh (3)

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by AndyB
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Description by AndyB


This is a zoom-in of the ring knot.

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  1. #1 NewtonGT
    Re: Rappel Ring On Hh (3)
    what knot is tied to the actual hammock?
  2. #2 AndyB
    Re: Rappel Ring On Hh (3)
    On the suspension line I tied a figure eight like this one: http://www.realknots.com/knots/sloops.htm#dubfig8loop

    It's the second how-to graphic down with all of the arrows.

    I was careful to make sure the tension was even on both sides when tying the fig-8 knot. The suspension line goes out from the hammock, wraps around the ring, and then returns from the ring. hope this helps you. Andrew

    BTW - this knot site is the very best one I've seen.