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living in style

Added by GrizzlyAdams
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living in style  living in style  looser fit of tarp around bridge hammock

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Description by GrizzlyAdams


jrb 11x10 tarp with tie-outs for bridge hammock. Oriented with 10' ridgeline, set so that one end can have doors

Comments for living in style (3)

  1. #1 Raul Perez
    Re: living in style
    wow that is a serious set up! Definitely green with envy ha!
  2. #2 Can't Wait
    Re: living in style
    Do you have a wood stove in there looks like a stack back left corner that would be nice
  3. #3 hikinghombre
    Re: living in style
    Very cool!

    What tarps are you using in these photos?