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Diy Dog Hammock

Added by Nclarkii
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Coyote Gulch Backpacking  Diy Dog Hammock  Hennessy Hammock w/ JRB UL Nest

  Description for Diy Dog Hammock

Description by Nclarkii


70-lb yellow lab giving his new hammock a test run. He was unsure about it at first, but once I explained the asym lay to him, he was out like a light.

Comments for Diy Dog Hammock (4)

  1. #1 Black Wolf
    Re: Diy Dog Hammock
    Friggin" Awesome...that's too cool..
  2. #2 kayak karl
    Re: Diy Dog Hammock
    that is great. still laughing LOL
  3. #3 blueblaze
    Re: Diy Dog Hammock
    I need to make one of these for my dog. thats a pretty cool idea!
  4. #4 lattie11581
    Re: Diy Dog Hammock
    I wish I could get my 70lb chessie into one.. he freaks out when he gets into my hammock alone. I have to put him in... he wont go himself