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Double Hangin

Added by Cannibal
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Pulk Sled  Double Hangin  Hennessy Hammock w/ JRB UL Nest

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Description by Cannibal


Genuine Draft and myself napping near the Greasy Creek Friendly in 2008

Comments for Double Hangin (4)

  1. #1 neo
    Re: Double Hangin
    wow cool pic of you and your hammock princess broneo
  2. #2 Running Feather
    Re: Double Hangin
  3. #3 JBizzle
    Re: Double Hangin
    If the hammock is swinging....it's probably just the wind.
  4. #4 mrmike65
    Re: Double Hangin
    So, how did that work through a full night? er... I mean, were you able to sleep comfortably through the night with two in a hammock? and what is the size of that hammock?