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Diy Caldera Cone

Added by sclittlefield
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Diy Alcohol Stoves  Diy Caldera Cone  Diy Caldera Cone

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Description by sclittlefield


Here's the whole setup. GSI Glacier Stainless Steel mug, DIY Starlyte alcohol stove, lid made from aluminum bake sheet, and the DIY caldera cone.

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  1. #1 2Questions
    Re: Diy Caldera Cone
    Interesting scorches on the cone. I wonder if your burner is overshooting the pot base excessively? The cone traps so much ordinarily wasted heat that I bet a smaller burner would work for the size of your pot with the same efficiency.
  2. #2 sclittlefield
    Re: Diy Caldera Cone
    I think you're right on the money 2Q. I made a smaller "Starlyte" stove for it, let's call it a "moonlyte". That worked much better. That first burn really stunk up the house.

    Thanks so much for the instructional video you did - fantastic job and made building your own so much more accessible. I hope you don't mind, I embedded your video on my blog.