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by cptthor
Pict0002  Pict0001  Diy Snake Skins

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DIY rig, double layer hammock, rings and tree straps

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  1. #1 snidetripod
    Re: Pict0001
    Hey Shug, where did you get the CadPat material for that hammock. I have been searching for some to make a tarp out of since it does an extremely good job of camouflage. Canadian Dispersement Pattern, I have a goretex boonie and an awesome fleece sweater made from the stuff. Put them next to a spruce tree and poof, they disappear. Now thats magic. LOL

    Check my gear vids for visuals of said items, the pattern is an almost perfect match to your hammock there.
  2. #2 cptthor
    Re: Pict0001
    I got it from Vermont's Barre Army Navy online www.vtarmynavy.com if you select anything from the top you will go to another menu on the left, all the way at the bottom is cammo fabrics/netting click that and then go to military camo material. It goes on sale if you can wait. I bought a load of it when it did.They have had it for a couple of years. It's not coated, but I plan on doing a home coat. Same as you I want a tarp also.