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Removable Bugnet System

Added by sclittlefield
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Removable Bugnet System  Removable Bugnet System  Double Layer Hammock And Suspension

  Description for Removable Bugnet System

Description by sclittlefield


This is a moderately simple, removable, bugnet system that can be retro-fitted to most any gathered end hammock - you just need to sew matching strips of velcro to the outside, hemmed edge of your hammock.

Comments for Removable Bugnet System (2)

  1. #1 sclittlefield
    Re: Removable Bugnet System
    There are 8" deep pockets along both side flaps where you can store a bit of extra gear to weigh them down and keep them snug against the side of your hammock, no matter how you move around. This works great with most any gathered end hammock and can be added later as an afterthought if desired.

    For a more customized fit, adjust the length of the system to match your ridgeline length.
  2. #2 leroybrown
    Re: Removable Bugnet System
    I really like this design - I like that I can throw either side up over my face get out easily. Thanks for posting your plan!