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Tarp - 11x10 Catcut

Added by sclittlefield
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Tarp - 11x10 Catcut

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Trek Light Tarp 09  Tarp - 11x10 Catcut  Tarp - 11x10 Catcut

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Description by sclittlefield


Here are the plans for this tarp.

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  1. #1 sclittlefield
    Re: Tarp - 11x10 Catcut
    This model has been re-designed. Go to www.backwoodsdaydreamer.webs.com for current model. Or pm me if you're making your own and have some questions.
  2. #2 sodastat
    Re: Tarp - 11x10 Catcut
    I noticed your winter tarp, the large one has four tieouts per side and they are all cat cut. How did you figure out how large to make the cut outs? There is a program on here that is great for 3 season tarps, but I don't think it can be used for a four season with doors.