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Button-on Uq

Added by glamar
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by glamar
Sunshine Coast Hinterland  Button-on Uq  Attaching A Leigh Uq To A Wbbb

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Description by glamar


Just an Idea floating around my hat holder.

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  1. #1 Black Wolf
    Re: Button-on Uq
    I've had this thought cross my mind as well...I was thinking some poly loops that would allow you to use multiple choices...such as two thin U/Q's...a double layer of nylon..etc..just twist them to shorten them and use a toggle or a twig...twigs are free and you wouldn't have ta' carry 'em...

    I like the way ya' think
  2. #2 uncle_ray_ray
    Re: Button-on Uq
    If that's the case, why not use four detachable zippers? (2) on each side of the hammock, buttons will have you fumbling, while zippers would appear to render continuous support.
  3. #3 mrmike65
    Re: Button-on Uq
    Interesting idea. How do you get around slack between the UQ and hammock as you move and the stresses on the hammock change?